Greenfoot (7) – videos for lazy teachers

I had done the intros, we had scurrying crabs, and then….

…Michael Kölling of the University of Kent started posting brilliant tutorial videos, each around 10 mins long.  Michael invented Greenfoot and is still project lead.  His video blogs are at:

Just watching up to Episode 10 will cover CCEA GCSE ICT requirements, assuming you add a scoreboard (more on that later).

The first tutorial exercises feature a lettuce-eating turtle, trying to avoid snakes.  We watched an episode per-period and did what it said.  Some of it repeated what we had previously done – though repetition and more hands-on aids understanding.  Some of it introduced new ideas.  Some of it explained things better than me.

Something that struck me, was the class listened and watched in rapt attention.  They didn’t just want to understand – they really wanted to ‘grok‘ it.  They asked me to replay parts they missed.  They asked for access to the videos at breaktime. You just don’t get this with end-of-year videos!

Watch them yourself.  Episode 1 is an intro, Episode 2 discusses Greenfoot installation.  Episode 3 tells you what Java ‘objects’ are and the coding starts in Episode 4.

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